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that is to be sold in the near future?

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Becoming a tipster is easy.
In a nutshell: Simply provide us with your contact details and initial information about the property using the form below. As soon as we have received your contact details, we will contact you and then check your tip. After a successful conclusion of a sales contract you will receive your tipster commission.


  • The property has not yet been publicly marketed or offered by third parties.
  • The property or the plot as well as the owner are not yet in our file.
  • There is no family relationship to the owner. If you are married to the owner or in a civil partnership, this is also an exclusion criterion.
  • The tip is done lawfully and is not based on unfair measures.

Additional information

Our focus is mainly on Mannheim, Frankfurt a. M., Heidelberg, Speyer and the surrounding regions.
However, we also broker real estate throughout Germany and within Europe.

Please make sure that the disclosure of personal data of third parties is permitted.
Should you be active more frequently as a tipster, the commission paid out may be subject to VAT.

    I agree that my details from the contact form are collected and processed in order to answer my enquiry. The data will be deleted after the processing of your request has been completed. Note: You can revoke your consent at any time by e-mail to revoke. (mandatory field)

    Detailed information on the handling of user data can be found in our privacy policy.

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