Fox & Partner and Reha-Southwest

Reha-Südwest is committed to inclusion and the support of people with and without disabilities. School assistance, housing projects, leisure, cultural or educational projects and much more are united under the umbrella of Reha-Südwest. The non-profit organisation based in Karlsruhe is active in many regions of Baden-Württemberg.

Companions of people with disabilities

The roots of the organization lie in parent self-help.

People with severe and multiple disabilities find a home at Reha-Südwest. In Karlsruhe, children and young people live in the socio-pedagogical residential communities. Further residential communities for adults are located in Bruchsal and Waghäusel-Wiesental.

Reha-Südwest wants to offer people with severe multiple disabilities not only a place to live, but also a place to live and participate in social life. Many very special encounters occur during an excursion to the zoo, a visit to a football match or a holiday camp. And it is precisely these moments that bring variety into everyday life and promote a shared sense of togetherness.

Reha-Südwest is dependent on donations.

All donations - whether small or large - flow into the offers and projects and reach the people directly.