Fox for Kids - Social responsibility out of conviction

Already in the course of founding the company, it was a particular concern of ours to be socially engaged and to assume responsibility in this area. So it is difficult to speak of a big surprise that Fox for Kids and our accompanying cooperation with the charitable organisations we have chosen has become a real affair of the heart for the whole team. From the very beginning, it was clear to us - it is not only the quality of advice and relationship with customers that speaks for a good company. We also want to represent one of our core values and get involved and committed in social areas. Kristin Wassmer herself grew up with a severely disabled brother, experienced as a child how demanding caring for her parents can be, and thus associates the topic with an even more personal emotional value.

Since the beginning, we have therefore donated a portion of our brokerage commission to the Sterntaler Children's Hospice and Reha Südwest after every property sale.

Children's hospice Sterntaler

As the only inpatient children's hospice in the Rhine-Neckar region, Sterntaler offers children, adolescents and young adults and their families outpatient nursing care throughout the entire course of their illness. The "little oasis in the countryside" in the former Dudendorf mill is intended to give those affected peace and strength on their difficult journey and serve as a place of retreat that can be visited at any time if necessary. The children are specially cared for by paediatric nurses; they are to be given the chance to simply feel like a normal child for a change.

Carers and staff take it as their central task to bring quality of life to the place and to make life a little more colourful through various activities and events - family afternoons and musical encouragement are just two of the many examples. In this way, relatives have the opportunity to get to know other affected families, to exchange ideas and to share valuable tips with each other. The special thing about the Sterntaler children's hospice is therefore that, in addition to caring for the children, the families are also given the opportunity to become part of the whole. In this way, the facility also gives them a place to recharge their batteries and relieve themselves from the otherwise stressful daily routine of caring for children. As a support for the often years-long path of care, it is also one of the central tasks of the Sterntaler to guarantee bereavement and mourning support for the families.

The facility is financed exclusively by donations, which is why it is an important matter of the heart for the Fox and Partner team to take responsibility and contribute their share in the course of every property sale.
So Kristin, together with the director of the hospice, Anja Hermann, will continue to ensure that the seriously ill children can receive carefree hours and nursing care in the small, green oasis.

Rehab Southwest

At Reha Südwest, inclusion and support for people with disabilities are the top priorities. Children, adolescents and adults are offered a living space in socio-educational shared flats where they can integrate into a community and participate in social life. Great emphasis is placed on promoting a strong sense of togetherness through excursions and joint leisure activities. According to the motto: "Living diversity together", Reha Südwest is committed to a society in which participation of people with disabilities is a matter of course; they wish for a community with more inclusion and self-determination. In their facility, they have been able to create a place where people's interests can be strengthened and needs can be recognised and promoted. Whether in the playrooms, the adjacent garden or the playground, the aim of the staff and carers is to experience beautiful moments together with the residents, to guarantee fun and to respond to any concerns that arise.

With the help of donations, the organisation's projects are specifically promoted, which consequently guarantees that the help reaches the people directly. In order to support Reha Südwest, the residential communities and the people living in them, a portion of the brokerage commission after each property sale goes to the social institution in the form of a donation.


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